I am a board-certified (USC) dermatologist who has served Ventura County since 1988. My solo private practice encompasses all aspects of dermatology, so I am well suited to provide medical, surgical and cosmetic services. The medical aspect includes rashes, growths, acne and skin cancer detection. The surgical aspect primarily involves removal of skin cancers, as well as any type of benign (harmless) growth. The cosmetic aspect includes Botox and filler substances such as Restylane and Radiesse, and treatments such as sclerotherapy for leg veins. I have an Intense Pulsed Light System (IPL), and I have been involved with light therapy since 1995. The cosmetic field in dermatology is rapidly evolving, and I will be happy to discuss newer treatment options with you.

My Ventura office is unlike any other medical office I have encountered. It is a large, modern and comfortable, and it lacks the cold and sterile feeling so commonly found in medical offices. I am fortunate to have a pleasant and courteous staff, all of whom truly care about our patients as actual human beings. Finally, it is essential to me that I always strive to communicate well with my patients, ensuring that my words are not only accurate and detailed but clearly understandable as well. Your visit is not complete until you are comfortable that your problem has been addressed to your satisfaction.

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